We are Artists, new idea people, and fix it folks. We have a creative, custom tailored solution to remedy the “oh crap” moments that can happen on your interior surfaces.

Founded Locally

You could say we were Born and raised in the Willamette Valley as a company and also, for many of us, as individuals. Whether born here or not one thing is true of all of us: We LOVE it here with a true four seasons to the year and the abundance of activities. At the heart of it all, Working with a lot of really great people day to day makes this place feel like home.

Technically Speaking

“Surface Artists” used to be known as “The Detail Difference” which was the franchise that helped us get our start, but is no longer in existence as of August 2018. We still have all the same great services and many of the same great people, plus a few more!

Our Surface Artists are here to work with you to provide the solution to your small damage needs.