Repairing small damage on all interior surfaces.

We Understand the Headache of Small Damage

“Do I replace it? Too expensive”. “Do I live with it? Eyesore”

Let us repair it for you.




What surface, how large, and what is the location?



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Your damage is gone!

What’s In It For You?

The small surface damages in your units are tarnishing your image and turning away quality renters.  Those pesky little eyesores are costing your team time and money whether you leave it or replace it, but with our specialty repairs those damages will disappear! Our guaranteed repairs are completed quickly and affordably, so that you can keep up appearances and turn units quickly!


Our repairs cost a fraction of what resurfacing or replacement costs, with the majority costing less than $100.  Also, having a clean move-in sheet allows you to account for any new damages and recoup costs at move-out


Repairs can often be completed in an hour and back in use shortly thereafter.  We work in vacant or occupied spaces if you need and always work to make it a day that is convenient.



Having the surfaces in the apartments or rooms in their peak condition reflects well on you as a manager while also providing value to your tenants or guests.


We love to surprise; repairing the things you didn’t know were possible.



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