Have A Question?

Here are a few of the questions we’re asked most often.

Do I need to vacate the home/does it smell?

You do not need to leave for the work to be completed. Many of our repairs are nearly odorless while the ones that do have an odor smell a little like your sister doing her nails. The odors from any repair should dissipate within a couple hours.

Do you need replacement parts to make the repair complete?

We carry all of the fillers and colors that we will need with us to complete the work without needing any extra materials.

The damaged surface is old. Will you be able to make it look like the original?

We specialize in matching the surface that we are repairing; new, old, pink, purple or otherwise!

How do you do that?!

Mostly magic!  Seriously though, we work really hard to match the original texture, color, pattern and sheen on all our repairs.

How long do the repairs usually take?

Most of our repairs only take about an hour to complete.

Is your work guaranteed?

We stand by all our work and products. If a repair fails or if you aren’t satisfied with the way a repair looks, we’ll make it right at no charge to you.